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Down At The Golden Coin

How would your life change if you met your Messiah at the Laundromat?Buy the book thru AmazonWish Club Book GuideDownload Chapter One of Wish Club

Down at the Golden Coin - Novel By Kim Strickland

During the horrible economic downturn, former airline pilot, Annie Mullard, feels she's sunk to a new low when she's forced to go to a run-down Laundromat, The Golden Coin, after her washing machine breaks, but it's here she meets a Messiah. Twenty-something, blue-haired Violet isn't anyone's idea of a Messiah and even though she can levitate Tide with Bleach Alternative, read minds and send Annie into past lives, Annie's still not entirely convinced. But when Violet deposits thousands of dollars into Annie's bank account, Annie doesn't care who she is; she's thrilled. At least her money troubles are over.

It doesn't take long before Violet has Annie's quiet morning at the Laundromat spinning as out of control as the rest of her life, forcing her to question everything she's ever held important and in turn, Annie becomes more desperate for change. As they spar over the idea we each have the power to create our own realities, Annie begins to see money is not the key to happiness she'd thought it was.


Wish Club Buy the book thru AmazonWish Club Book GuideDownload Chapter One of Wish Club

An average women's book club takes a turn for the supernatural!

Wish Club Book CoverAt first their book club was like any other: Five women talking, drinking wine and maybe even discussing the book they've read. But when Claudia, Lindsay, Gail, Mara, and Jill read a novel about witchcraft, they jokingly try one of the spells for fun, only to find it actually works. Maybe they have a gift! At first the women are a little freaked out - and they don't want to think of themselves as witches. A coven? No way. But what if, instead of casting spells, they just made wishes? Doesn't everyone have wishes?

For clumsy, self-doubting Claudia, her wish - besides fixing a bad case of writer's block - is to get pregnant. Lindsay, heiress to a drugstore fortune, yearns to lose weight and gain acceptance into Chicago society. Party-girl-turned-supermom Gail craves more time - for herself, and in the spotlight. Friendly, frumpy Mara wants money and a chance to be heard. Then there's Jill, the gorgeous, icy artist, who waits for pick-up lines at the hippest clubs just to reject them. Before her highly publicized exhibition opening, she wants some inspiration, and finding the perfect man wouldn't hurt either.

When their book club morphs into Wish Club, the ladies find their real gift is for conjuring trouble. With their well-intentioned wishes gone awry and their lives spinning out of control - in some cases dangerously - they need major help. As they search for someone to restore balance, to help them untangle the chilling, life-altering, and hilarious predicaments they find themselves in - each of the women begins to discover for herself the true enchantresses within, the one with the ability to make all of her wishes come true.

Wish Club was a finalist in the 2006 Pacific Northwest Writers Assocation literary contest.


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